Design rationale and designers’ results on Ascon’s security:

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Ascon permutation

Cube-like key-recovery attack on 7-round Ascon in 2103.9 time:

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Cube-like attacks in a nonce-misuse setting:

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Security of Ascon against state-recovery attacks:

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Differential distinguishers based on undisturbed bits for 5 rounds with 2109 data:

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Security of Ascon’s S-box against division property attacks:

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Linear characteristic for 5 rounds with 67 active S-boxes, bias 2−94:

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Integral distinguishers for 5 to 11 rounds, e.g., 265 texts for 7 rounds:

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Linear, differential, cube-like attacks (key recovery: 6 rounds, permutation distinguisher):

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Ascon mode

Ascon’s mode supports secure implementations on limited-memory devices:

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Suggestions to absorb authenticated data more efficiently:

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Security proof for Ascon’s sponge mode even for higher rates:

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Ascon implementation

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